America Product Details

1GBdata usage

美國Verizon 4G

Area : America

Price(1day) : $269  $249

  • Verizon 4G highspeed

  • Bargain price for large data flow

Product information

  • 商品名稱

    美國Verizon 4G

  • 電信商


  • 流量限制

    流量採累加制 。可使用總額流量為『出國總天數×1GB』

  • 通訊規格


  • 充電時間

    約3小時 (充電器的電壓為 100-240V。) 

  • 連續使用時間


  • 電池容量


  • 最多連線台數


  • 重量


  • 尺寸(mm)

    93.98 x 19.30 x 67.06

Certainly please check the area of visiting cities

List of Available countries

  • Asia

  • Europe

  • America

  • Oceania

  • Africa

What can you do with 1GBof data usage?

  • Send and receive

  • Browse websites for

  • Google Map inquiry

  • Watch Youtube for

  • Browse facebook news feeds for

  • skype Video chat for

  • Line text messages for

  • Line audio call for


    ◆ Limited to usage in the United States. Roaming charges will apply if used in Canada. Service unavailable in Guam.

Travel/WiFi Use information

Options・Fair Usage Policy

Guarantee (insurance)

Prepare against loss, dropping, or breakage! In case of damages or theft due to negligence on your part, we will have you shoulder the necessary expenses.
However, if you have applied for insurance prior to availing our rental service, that amount will be significantly reduced.

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Mobile battery (multiple power)

With this, there is no need to worry about running out of battery!
Besides being a Wi-Fi router, this portable power source can also be used to connect various devices via USB ports.
It is especially recommended if you will be renting a device that you would use continuously for four hours.

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Fair Usage Policy
(policy for the fair use of data communication)

Under the Fair Usage Policy, users who deal with large amounts of data in a short period of time might, without prior notice, have their data use limited at the discretion of the telecommunications company they are subscribed to.
Please refrain from watching videos for a long time, etc., or from using a huge amount of data in such a short period.
Telecom Square will in no way be responsible or liable for the incurred data limit as per above, and you will still be charged with the appropriate fees during your rental period.


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