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To Know Wi-Ho!

Taiwan No.1 Wifi Service Brand in The Industry

Wi-Ho! as the World’s Wi-Fi brand

Telecom Square was a 100% Japanese owned company with 30 years history which was established as an international mobile service professional enterprise in 1974, pioneering the daily rental of mobile phones in Japan in 1992.

In 2010, it launched the flat rate Wi-Fi router service to become the first Wi-Fi rental service provider in Taiwan with 10 thousand most sufficient inventory among the industry.

Wi-Ho!® Starting from Taiwan,and is now known to one million people in eight countries as the global brand of Wi-Fi services.

Choose The Most Suitable Internet Connection Tool

Explicit Instructions for 3 Kinds of Abroad Wi-Fi Connection


・Single Use

Wi-Fi Router
Wi-Fi Router

・Multiple-person use
・Moderate price

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SIM Card
SIM Card

・Single Use
・Cheap price

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Detailed description
Access to Internet To Use Domestic Carrier’s International Roaming Service
Purchase Instruction Rush Trip with Sufficient Budget
Internet Usage Mild
Price Cost grows rapidly when over certain usage. Suitable for travellers with higher budget.
Suggested Users Amount 1 Person
  • 1. No need to replace the Sim card and carry additional device. You can use your own smartphone to access internet.
  • 2. Your can still pick up and dial out with your original cell phone number.
  • 1. Limited options, you can only choose the charge plans what your carrier offers.
  • 2. Need to mind if the internet access goes out of the appointed carrier for extra high charges during your trip.
  • 3. When you travel over countries, you have to secure the schedule with carrier in advance, or your internet access roaming may not be activated.
  • 4. Higher average price and suitable for travellers with higher budget.
Access to Internet To Rent Wi-Fi Router
Purchase Instruction Focus on Internet Speed and Eager to Share the access with your companies
Internet Usage Moderate~Heavy
Price Various products with different network traffic plan. Suitable for for travellers with any budget.
Suggested Users Amount 1 Person to More
  • 1. Various charge plans for all your needs of internet access.
  • 2. Sharing the internet usage and cost with your companions.
  • 3. One worldwide router supports your trip all over the world.
  • 4. No worry about the battery consumption of your smartphone or device compatibility with SIM card.
  • 1. Additional device carry during your trip with battery charge and custodial responsibility.
  • 2. Application in advance, especially during travel hot season.
  • 3. Deposit payment.
  • 4. Need to pick up and return the device.
Access to Internet To Buy Local Sim Card
Purchase Instruction Single Backpackers with no expectations for extra device.
Internet Usage Mild~Moderate
Price Various duration / net traffic charges options for travellers with different budget.
Suggested Users Amount 1 to 2 Persons
  • 1. Various charge plans without the limitations from certain carrier providers.
  • 2. No need to carry additional devices for easy single trip
  • 3. Part Sims is with local number voice call / SMS, very convenient to communicate
  • 1. Need to replace the sim card in your mobile, and you can’t use your own number for picking up and dailing out voice calls.
  • 2. Need to make sure if your mobile applying for the sim card(card size, mobile spec., suitability for local telecom bands…etc).
  • 3. Some sim cards need APN set up by yourself and activated by hand for internet access.
  • 4. Personal ID offering is needed for sim card purchase and activation in certain countries.

Why Choose Wi-Ho!

Cheap price is not even enough for real high quality Wi-Fi service. We offer “Cost-effective, convient ,and trusted" services for our most respectful customers.



『Lowest price from NT$129/day!』
Economical product of NT$129 to hi-end product of NT$289, the most various and complete product lineup. Plenty preferentials instead of unclear charges. The advantage of Telecom Square is not only reasonable, but also cheap price.
  • Our NT$129 product is the latest model with widest signal reception in Japan, and we offer 1GB for your internet traffic daily usage. Our super popular NT$289 model is even with unlimited internet traffic for your all day
  • Free for home delivery, and no extra charge for picking up and returning at the
  • Extra one day free rental for early and midnight flight, and one more extra free day rental after your back from the



『8 counter shops in airport for your prompt needs of departure』
To fulfill customers’ needs, we offer various order and pick up solutions. The complete counter shops support and logistics system will satisfy customer needs even 1 min before on board. In addition, the easy and explicit internet order interface also make reservation process smoothly.
  • Free to choose pick up the gear via counter shops, home delivery courier or convenience stores.(More Details) OPEN
  • 「Emergent Reservation」 service provides prompt order via phone call, and pick up the gear at the airport counters. ※To guarantee the service quality, reservation in advance is recommended.(More Details) OPEN
  • Worldwide 8-country purchase power of Wi-Ho! group makes our the most sufficient inventory in the industry.(More Details) OPEN



『Clear price and perfect support system for customers』
All products of Telecom Square are open prices. Customers don’t need to afford unclear charges. Our direct call center is also Top 1 level in the industry. We also provide exclusive abroad replacement delivery service. Customer personal data protection is even the highest level in the industry.
  • Simple, explicit and clear price.(More Details) OPEN
  • Direct call center provides the highest quality service and support during customers’ usage.(More Details) OPEN
  • Highly certificate licensed for customer personal data protection.(More Details) OPEN

Rental Procedures

Easy 5 steps for your abroad internet access everywhere

FUP (Fair Usage Policy) for the fair use of data communication

With the rapid growth of smartphone use around the world, problems have been overflowing with regards to the global capacity to handle a vast amount of wireless data.
Even with our agreement on data flow restriction, if you use large amounts of data communication in a short period of time,

your connection might be stopped by telecommunications companies without prior notice.
This is based on the agreement between telecommunication companies around the world, and is something that, unfortunately, we cannot prevent.
Please refrain from viewing videos for a long time, etc.

Surprisingly easy-to-connect devices

Connecting your device to the Wi-Fi router is surprisingly easy.
From your device, select the name of the Wi-Fi router you rented (SSID) on the list shown and enter the password on the label found on the router – and you’re done.


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