Taiwan No.1 !! Wifi Service Brand in The Industry

Telecom Square was a 100% Japanese owned company with 30 years history which was established as an international mobile service professional enterprise in 1974, pioneering the daily rental of mobile phones in Japan in 1992.

In 2010, it launched the flat rate Wi-Fi router service to become the first Wi-Fi rental service provider in Taiwan with 10 thousand most sufficient inventory among the industry.

Wi-Ho!® Starting from Taiwan,and is now known to one million people in eight countries as the global brand of Wi-Fi services.

Choose The Most Suitable Internet Connection Tool

Explicit Instructions for 3 Kinds of Abroad Wi-Fi Connection

  • Roaming

    Not recommended for hotspot.

    Lower and unstable internet speed.

    Charges counted by the number of data usage.

  • Wi-Fi Router

    Suitable for multi users.

    High speed of internet.

    Cost-effected for price sharing.

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  • SIM Card

    Suitable for 1-2 users.

    Acceptable internet speed.

    Reasonable price.

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Cost grows rapidly when over certain usage.
Suitable for travellers with higher budget.

Internet Usage : Mild・Suggested Users Amount : 1 Person

  • Limited options, you can only choose the charge plans what your carrier offers.
  • Need to mind if the internet access goes out of the appointed carrier for extra high charges during your trip.
  • When you travel over countries, you have to secure the schedule with carrier in advance, or your internet access roaming may not be activated.

Wi-Fi Router

Various products with different network traffic plan. Suitable for for travellers with any budget.Focus on Internet Speed and Eager to Share the access with your companies

Internet Usage : Moderate~Heavy・Suggested Users Amount : 1 Person to More

  • Various charge plans for all your needs of internet access.
  • Sharing the internet usage and cost with your companions.
  • One worldwide router supports your trip all over the world.
  • No worry about the battery consumption of your smartphone or device compatibility with SIM card.

SIM Card

Various duration / net traffic charges options for travellers with different budget.Single Backpackers with no expectations for extra device.

Internet Usage : Mild~Moderate・Suggested Users Amount : 1 to 2 Persons

  • Various charge plans without the limitations from certain carrier providers.
  • No need to carry additional devices for easy single trip.
  • Part Sims is with local number voice call / SMS, very convenient to communicate
  • Need to replace the sim card in your mobile, and you can’t use your own number for picking up and dailing out voice calls.

FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
for the fair use of data communication

With the rapid growth of smartphone use around the world, problems have been overflowing with regards to the global capacity to handle a vast amount of wireless data.
Even with our agreement on data flow restriction, if you use large amounts of data communication in a short period of time,your connection might be stopped by telecommunications companies without prior notice.
This is based on the agreement between telecommunication companies around the world, and is something that, unfortunately, we cannot prevent.
Please refrain from viewing videos for a long time, etc.

What‘s troubling you while renting WiFi router?

Have you ever rent in cheap price but came into bad WiFi user experience?

Or you’ve been cheated by false advising words like ‘unlimited data’, ‘airport pickup supported’?

  • False advertising about ‘Unlimited Data’

  • Unclear charging fee

  • High cancel and compensation fee

  • Limited product selections

See what troubling you the
most while renting WiFi router,
and get the antidote from Wi-Ho!

Get all your problems solved from

NO.1 telecom brand in Taiwan!!
See why Wi-Ho! is the best

  • Unlimited data usage,
    No speed reduction.

  • Kinds of product

  • Clear charging fee

  • Price affordable.

  • 24 hours airport
    pickup supported.

  • Direct airport service center


Real unlimited data & No speed reduction!

All kinds of product selections

  • 127 Countries for both SIM and WiFi routers.
  • Stable signal and product quality.
  • Travel pass and other essential provided.

Clear charging fee stated!

  • Reasonable fee will be charged if late return the router
  • All fees will be stated specifically before making your payment

Price worth it by daily calculation

  • 1 day free for red-eye and long haul flight.
  • You can return the router by shipping on the next day of your return day, and get 1 day free.

Wi-Ho! supports 24 hours of router pickup and SIM Card selling.

  • Make your order online and pick up the router at Airport for free anytime(Open 24 hours).
  • SIM card vending machine 24 hours available at Songshan international airport.

Airport service counters

  • There are 7 counters in Taoyuan, Songshan and Kaohsiung Airport.
  • All the Airport (4 couters) provide walk-in rental service.
  • Professionally trained crews serving you the best we can!

Urgent rental is allowed before your departure.

  • Forget to rent your router? Urgent rental service is available.
  • Rent your router at Wi-Ho! airport center on the day of your departure.

International and professional customer service and support.

  • Exclusive delivery service of Japan router if machine failures happen.
  • Wi-Ho! customer service center can support Chinese, English, Japanese service on 365 days.
  • Customer service from FB, Line is acceptable.

Wi-Ho! router insurance contains the most and provides reasonable compensation fee.

Highly recommended by most of Wi-Ho! users!

  • Wi-Ho! presents the best brand in the field.
  • 40% above customers enjoy kinds of router pickup ways.
  • Selections from home delivery, airport pickup and convenience store pickup.
  • Airport service counters.

  • Urgent rent

  • Chinese/ English/
    Japanese service

  • Router insurance

  • Highly recommended
    by most of Wi-Ho!


Rental Procedures

Easy 5 steps for your abroad internet access everywhere

  • Reservations

  • Payment

  • Claiming

  • Use

  • Returns

  • Convenient appointment service, urgent rent is OK!

    • 24H online application
    • Application on your flight date at the airport.Branches
    • We accept reservation applications on our official website.
      Select the area of your destination from the Product List below, and then select the product of your choice.
      Those who have decided which product they will rent shall then proceed to reservations.
      【Closing Date for Reservations】
      12pm the day Before Departure Date:Pick up at our counters in Taoyuan Intl’ Airport or Songshan Airport.
      2 Days Before Departure Date:Pick up at our counters in Taoyuan Intl’ Airport or Songshan Airport.
      3-4 Days Before Departure Date:Pick up at our counters in Kaohsiung Intl’ Airport or with delivery.
      ※If cancellations are made within three days before your pick-up date, there will be a cancellation fee of NT$199.

      • ・Be aware of the reservation deadline. Call us by phone if you missed the deadline. We may assist you depending on the inventory status.
      • For products aimed at Japanese customers in particular, you must check the usage area from the URL in the Product List’s webpage.
    • At al the Airport, You can directly apply without making a reservation.

      However, make a reservation as early as possible as stocks may run out.

  • Cash payment is only available at specific airport counters or shops.

    • Credit Card
    • Cash
    • While applying online and at the airport, a credit card is acceptable.
      We only accept Visa, Master and JCB credit cards.
      We will give you the invoice along with the device.

      If paying by credit card, the total amount includes rental fee and extra NTD$3,000 of authorization hold as deposit.
      The NTD$5,000 deposit charge will not show on your payment receipt and monthly bill.
      This authorization will be canceled within 30 days after your payment.

      China Union Pay, American Express and Diners Club are not accepted.
    • Cash is accepted at all the airport counters, as well as Hsinchu and Taichung business office.
      However, you are required to pay deposit.
      (Wi-Fi Router NTD$3,000, smartphone NTD$3,000, power bank NTD$1,000)

      ※Returning the deposit:
      While you return the device at the airport counters, we will return your deposit by transferring to your Taiwanese bank account. (Please leave your bank account)

      Application through bank transfer is not available as of now.

  • Kinds of router pickup ways. Reasonable charge!

    • Reception of Reserved Product at Airport or Shop
    • Reception of Product via Delivery
    • Reception of Family Mart
    • Router pickup fee: NT$50/ Free
      The router will be shipped to the pickup point. Please pick up your router during the opening times of each pickup point.
      You can pick up the router at the airport counter and direct store.
      You will need to show your identity certification upon picking up your router. (Passport, identity card, driving license, or health insurance card)
      Don’t have to copy the order confirmation form.

      Please provide the applicant’s name and show the user’s ID
      (ex:passport,identity card,license or health care card)
      Don’t need to print order.

    • Router pickup fee: NT$100
      Our company uses Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.’s door-to-door delivery service.
      Normally, the device will be delivered to you between 9am to 6pm, depends on courier’s delivery procedure.
      Recommended for those who can’t pickup the router at airport counter.
      We will also give you the uniform invoice together with the product.
      • Devices that have built-in lithium ion batteries which cannot be transported by airplanes, cannot be delivered outside Taiwan’s main island.
    • Router pickup fee: NT$60/ Free
      We hereby apply for FamilyMart delivery, and the regular courier arrival date to your appointed FamilyMart store will be one day earlier before your rental duration start date. The actual delivery date will be upon FamilyMart logistics service proceeds.
      The GUI will be delivered along with the device.

      • Presently return via courier of FamilyMart is not applicable.
      • Due to there is lithium battery inside the devices, air courier is not applicable.
      • Devices delivery destinations via FamilyMart courier is limited to the main island of Taiwan.
      • Part stores of FamilyMart are specifically out of the logistics service. (Check out the specific FamilyMart stores list)
      • Our FmailyMart delivery service accepts change and cancelation latest 4 days before your modifies. The cancelation and refund request can’t be accepted once the courier delivered. Appreciate for your kind understanding.
      • When you about to receive your courier package,please advise the consignee name and identity document. (Passport, id, driver’s license or health insurance card, one of them)
  • 365 days! Professional customer service.

    • Cell Center
    • Contact by E-mail
    • Our call center provides 365 days multilingual support.
      Chinese, English, Japanese at 08:00-22:00(GMT+8)
      Please dial +81-3-6635-6775
      For domestic line in Japan, please dial 03-6635-6775

      Contact us when trouble occurs. Even if you file a claim after returning to the country, it would be difficult for us to determine the cause of the problem unless the equipment is damaged. Thus, we cannot issue a refund.
      Contacting the call center is subject to additional charges. To lessen the fees, please let us know if you want us to call you back.

    • You can contact us either by e-mailor Facebook.

  • Airport center allows you to have convenient, simple ways to return the router.

    • Returning the Product at Airport or SHop
    • Returning with Return Box
    • Returning with Delivery Service
    • You can return the product at the airport counter or shop within business hours.

      Note: Return the product on the date of your return. Late returns generate extension charges.
      If you want to return the wifi router in Taipei , please return to Songshan Airport Store.

    • If you are in a hurry, you can simply return the product by using the Return Box at the airport counter.
      We will send you an e-mail confirmation of the return afterward.

      Before mailing the box, be sure to check if the contents are already inside or if none of your personal belongings are placed inside the box.

    • Return the product on the date of your return. You will shoulder the delivery costs.
      We still recommend you to return it at the airport counter or using the Return Box as they are convenient and simple.

      Addressee: Telecom Square Taiwan Inc.
      Address: 8F., No. 181, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10541, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
      Make sure that the box is packed appropriately and perfectly sealed. We may ask you to pay compensation if the product is damaged.

Surprisingly easy-to-connect devices

Connecting your device to the Wi-Fi router is surprisingly easy.

  • From your device, select the name of the Wi-Fi router you rented (SSID) on the list shown

  • enter the password on the label found on the router

  • The icon representing WiFi connection will be displayed.

Travel with

Connect with the world!


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